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Re: conversion to subversion

Hi Frans!

You wrote:

> For the installation guide I've written a script that can update the 
> revision in translation comments _after_ the commit. It takes the revision 
> of the commit of the English file as only parameter and then works out, per 
> file included in that commit, if the corresponding translation was 
> up-to-date before the new commit and only then updates the translation 
> comment.
> This does mean that the workflow changes a bit. It becomes:
> - use $tool (e.g. sed) to make the changes in the original and translations
> - check diffs
> - commit the original
> - run the script with the revision of that commit
> - commit the translations

I've actually solved in in more or less the same way, with as main
difference that in the final two steps of thw workflow are done
automatically from a post-commit hook.  This seems to work very well,
for as far as I've been able to test it.

The blocking problem for the transition atm is the fact that to build
the archive, the build script need to figure out how old a translation
is (i.e., how many times the original file has changed since the last
translation).  The only way to so this with svn is using the logs, which
ar enot available offline.  So, surrently, the pages can only be built
if an internet connection is available.

I plan to solve this by keeping the necessary information (i.e., which
files have changed in which revision) in a separate file.  I'm not sure
yet whether it can be a simple cache file (that is automatically updated
when the user run svn update), or if it really need to be checked in teh
repository (and be updated from a cronjob or a post-commit hook).

I'll probably have more time to work on it next week, and hopefully get
it all working.


Kind regards,
Bas Zoetekouw.

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