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Re: conversion to subversion

Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> I've been working on converting the perl scripts.  Most of those are
> done, but I'm stil working on the smart_change.pl, touch_files.pl, and
> touch_translations.pl.

Maybe I can help you a bit with smart_change.pl. The main problem here is 
updating the translation comments if an update is also done for all 
translations and those need to be "unfuzzied" to avoid needless work by 

With CVS you can reasonably guess the next version you will get for the 
original file before the commit. But that does not work with SVN.

For the installation guide I've written a script that can update the 
revision in translation comments _after_ the commit. It takes the revision 
of the commit of the English file as only parameter and then works out, per 
file included in that commit, if the corresponding translation was 
up-to-date before the new commit and only then updates the translation 

This does mean that the workflow changes a bit. It becomes:
- use $tool (e.g. sed) to make the changes in the original and translations
- check diffs
- commit the original
- run the script with the revision of that commit
- commit the translations

The script I use for step 3 can be found here:

Hope this helps.


P.S. I have not yet found the time/energy to try the SVN test repo :-(

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