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Bug#468765: security support termination announcements are "too proud"

Le March 1, 2008 04:03:28 am Frank Lichtenheld, vous avez écrit :
> On Sat, Mar 01, 2008 at 03:47:27AM -0500, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> > Since Red Hat releases at least each 3 years, that means Red Hat commits
> > to supporting its "oldstables" for at least 4 years, which is much more
> > than 1 year.
> >
> > IMO, more than 4 years is too much. But comparing to that, it's hard to
> > be proud of under 1 year. IMO it's OK, but not more.
> Comparing a commercial distro with expensive support contracts and a
> community distro doesn't make sense at all...
Perhaps, but then what about openSUSE (about 1.5 years), Ubuntu (1 year), 
Ubuntu LTS (4.5 years) and CentOS (more than 4 years)? I can't compare with 
Gentoo, and then we get to Slackware (which I don't know about). So in 
general, Debian is worst than others.
> Either way, I don't think that debian-www is the right place to discuss
> this. I would suggest debian-project or debian-publicity.

I'm convinced that there's no reason to be proud, so I see no need to discuss 
it, unless you're confident that Debian should be proud. It can be removed 
anyway on the grounds that our users don't need to know whether the project 
is proud.

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