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Minor problem on packages.debian.org web page.

At the bottom of http://packages.debian.org/ipmitool, where the
various translation languages are listed, it says:

   中文 (Zhongzu,简)

The "zu" there is wrong.  It should be "wen", to match the Chinese
character.  A possible alternative is "yu", which is probably what the
person who romanized it intended: that would be a synonym, although
technically it doesn't match the corresponding Chinese character.

Full explanation: the first character, the one with the vertical line
all the way through it, is "zhong", which is correctly romanized.  The
one to the right of it is "wen", but colloquially one could use the
word "yu" instead of "wen", and probably "zu" is a typo for "yu".

I'd recommend just changing "zu" to "wen".

Very minor bug, but on the other hand, very easy to fix. :-) Note that
there may be other pages with the same problem; in IRC, abrotman says
that other package.debian.org/PACKAGE_NAME pages have this problem,
and specifically pointed to at least these:


(the latter page has the problem twice).

-Karl Fogel

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