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[RFC] wiki.debian.orgTranslation Namespace


Choosing a naming scheme for the translated pages on wiki.d.o is
probably as old as Debian wiki itself. Currently many scheme coexists.

I've attempted to summarised the previous discussions : A list of
propositions, some criteria, etc.
The Pros and Cons are based on the discussions, the observed practices,
the features/limitation of Moinmoin (our current wiki engine) and my
personal intuition (which might be completely wrong as I've no i18n/l10n

We would like to have comments from you (debian-www and l10n/i18n
people), since you are already handling similar problems.

Every advices/recommendations/opinions are welcome.

The list of propositions is available from :

Thanks in advance.

Franklin Piat

PS. If some of you have some spare time, could you give your opinion 
on the DebianWiki Translator guide :

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