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Re: [RFC] Translation Namespace Policy.


On Sat, 2008-01-12 at 23:12 -0200, Javier Di Mauro wrote:
> Is it possible to do >>  wiki.debian.org/fr/Materiel   ?? I think it's
> better than the others.

We can... 

But it raise a maintenance problem : If a new non-english page is
created, but the author doesn't "connect" the page to the English one,
Then only a "wiki maintainer" speaking that language can link and/or
clean the page.

Another issue is that the translated word may not carry exactly the same
meaning. So the contents of the pages may tend to "fork".

I guess that's why most websites don't translate URLs.

On the other hand, having page title in English isn't convenient for
Non-English speaking visitors.

We'll have to make a choice at some stage ;) More comments & opinions
are welcome.


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