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Re: [WikiVote] Translation Namespace Policy

On Sun, 2008-01-06 at 00:46 -0200, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
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> On 05-01-2008 19:11, Salokine wrote:
> > Hi,
> Hi,
> 	Thanks for you work on this. 
Thank you. I hadn't finished it yet though.

> ... and I'm also bcc:ing Erinn that is involved with wiki.d.o 
> back-end and I think could have a valuable opinion on this matter.
of course.

> > 1. Could you read http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWiki/TranslationNamespace ?
> I read the propositions and it pretty much
> includes almost all the options that I'm aware of. But with
> more recently versions of MoinMoin, the wiki engine becomes
> able to deal with Content Negotiation and DictWiki, which is
> similar to the idea of translating the WikiName, like:
> 		en: wiki.debian.org/Hardware
> 		fr: wiki.debian.org/Materiel
> 	I totally agree with the argument that different
> language could use the same Word and that could create other
> problems, but I would like to point out two pages from
> MoinMoin:
> 		http://moinmo.in/HelpOnLanguages
> 		http://moinmo.in/MultipleLanguagesSupport
Did you see something especially interesting, that was missed ?

> 	Using subdirectories still seems to be one of the
> best options, but I would love to hear if it works with the
> MoinMoin Content Negotiation
Content Negotiation is very basic (Built-in pages only, AFAIK). 
I'm not sure it would help, since a given pages should still exist in
every language (with different URL).

>  and DictWiki, if we can actually
> list a "SubPage" as an equivalent translation, we would have
> together the best of two worlds.
maybe something like :

> 	I also saw that the idea of using an "language
> extension" like:
> 		wiki.debian.org/Hardware.Fr
> 		wiki.debian.org/Hardware.fr
> 	would cause some problems in various contexts, it
> was considered the idea of using a prefix or suffix with
> "hyphen" or "underline"?
> 		wiki.debian.org/Hardware_fr
> 	OR: Hardware_Fr; Hardware-fr; Hardware-Fr
> 	OR: Fr-Hardware; fr-Hardware [...]

> 	I know it might not be as good as the "." and it
> might be really broken, but with the DictWiki it might be
> viable, although I still prefer the SubPage approach
> using language directories and pages with the same name
> as in English. (Maybe the Content Negotiation can be
> added as a MoinMoin Macro and/or plugin, perhaps contacting
> MoinMoin upstream on that matter would give us even more
> info to take the best option for now and future upgrades).
I've added theses to the list.
(Comments on these options are welcome.)


please CC debian-www, i am not subscriber of other lists.

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