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Re: [WikiVote] Translation Namespace Policy

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On 05-01-2008 19:11, Salokine wrote:
> Hi,


	Thanks for you work on this. I'm cc:ing you because I'm
unsure of which list are you subscribed to and I'm also bcc:ing
Erinn that is involved with wiki.d.o back-end and I think could
have a valuable opinion on this matter.

> We are working on Translation Namespace on wiki.debian.org and we need your 
> opinon for validation.
> 1. Could you read http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWiki/TranslationNamespace ?
> It presents main propositions
> 2. Could you vote for your favorite proposition on 
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWiki/TranslationNamespace#wikivote ?

	Salokine, I read the propositions and it pretty much
includes almost all the options that I'm aware of. But with
more recently versions of MoinMoin, the wiki engine becomes
able to deal with Content Negotiation and DictWiki, which is
similar to the idea of translating the WikiName, like:

		en: wiki.debian.org/Hardware
		fr: wiki.debian.org/Materiel

	I totally agree with the argument that different
language could use the same Word and that could create other
problems, but I would like to point out two pages from


	Using subdirectories still seems to be one of the
best options, but I would love to hear if it works with the
MoinMoin Content Negotiation and DictWiki, if we can actually
list a "SubPage" as an equivalent translation, we would have
together the best of two worlds.

	I also saw that the idea of using an "language
extension" like:


	would cause some problems in various contexts, it
was considered the idea of using a prefix or suffix with
"hyphen" or "underline"?


	OR: Hardware_Fr; Hardware-fr; Hardware-Fr
	OR: Fr-Hardware; fr-Hardware [...]

	I know it might not be as good as the "." and it
might be really broken, but with the DictWiki it might be
viable, although I still prefer the SubPage approach
using language directories and pages with the same name
as in English. (Maybe the Content Negotiation can be
added as a MoinMoin Macro and/or plugin, perhaps contacting
MoinMoin upstream on that matter would give us even more
info to take the best option for now and future upgrades).

Kind regards,
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