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Re: Please check DSA 1381 and 1370


Am Montag, den 15.10.2007, 10:26 +0200 schrieb Jens Seidel:
> the CVS history of DSA 1381
> (http://cvs.debian.org/webwml/english/security/2007/dsa-1381.wml?rev=1.11&diff_format=u&root=webwml&view=log)
> was ignored during the commit in r1.4. This resulted in funny further
> changes (such as adding a lot of not necessary quotations (<q>amd64</q>,
> instead of ('amd64') which was fixed already in 1.2 by kaare).

 I have to note that parts of the breakage that dannf introduced was due
to a hopelessly unmaintained (since Matt Zimmerman stopped caring about
security in Debian in favour of security in Ubuntu) python script
parse-advisory instead to using parse-advisory.pl. I cvs rmed the former
script to not have more problems with usage of the wrong script.

 That said, updates are usually pretty hard to merge, especially they
usually have some changed text in there too so parts of the issues
aren't really avoidable - though I'd like to be proven wrong.

 So long,

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