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Bug#446099: clarify /Bugs/reporting

also sprach Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> [2007.10.10.2105 +0100]:
> These were split out this way because using reportbug is the
> recommended way, and the instructions below do not apply in the
> normal case if you're using reportbug.

I found it to be incredibly confusion to have two headers

  Reporting bugs in Debian with reportbug
  Reporting bugs in Debian by email

when in fact a lot of the stuff in the second section applies to
reportbug users as well.

> > -with a special format described below.</p> +with a special
> > format described below. <code>reportbug</code> (<a
> > +href="#reportbug">see above</a>) will properly format the
> > e-mails for you; +please use it!</p>
> This is needless because it's already explained above.

This is documentation; my experience with documentation is that it
doesn't hurt to repeat stuff. It makes it easier for the reader and
also might increase the change s/he actually reads it.

> And likewise, these commands only apply when you're not using
> reportbug; mentioning it here is useless.

I don't know about that. I always take the stance that mentioning
tools like reportbug is good, but should not be done in favour of
listing the low-level tools for those who want to know.

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