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Re: Vender submission problem.

MJ Ray wrote:
> Jonathan Norman <blackflag@idleentity.net> wrote:
>> I have made a website and would like to get onto the Debian vendor  
>> list. When I have submitted my site I have gotten the below error.  
>> Please help.
> [...]
>> Broken data given as vendor's Debian-related URL: http:// 
>> bluesquarelinux.co.uk/?page=faq
> You should really ask debian-www this question, but I think the
> problem is using a GET query string in your Debian-related URL.  Give
> a real page, such as http://bluesquarelinux.co.uk/debian (you may be
> able to do this with PATH_INFO or a RewriteRule, if it's an Apache
> server and you don't want to make a file called debian...)
> Your web site doesn't seem to give the address and ownership of
> your business.  I don't know whether debian sees that as a problem,
> but you may like to see this leaflet from Trading Standards:
> http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/cgi-bin/bglitem.cgi?file=BADV046-1111.txt
> Hope that helps,


Your best bet is to contact debian-www, as MJR said. I've CCed them.

I do not believe the query on your URL should upset the process; are you
sure you didn't accidentally put a space in the URL, or something like
that? The automated process checks that your page is sane (has the word
Debian on it etc.), so the d-www people should be able to find the
problem for you.

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