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users pages (was: Re: Cron <alfie@gluck> /usr/bin/nice $HOME/bin/tidy.sh)


[going out as Bcc to some of the people breaking pages ...]

* Cron Daemon <root@gluck.debian.org> [2007-09-10 03:28:35 CEST]:
> /org/www.debian.org/www/users/index.ja.html

 Pretty please, for everyone working on users pages: Do entity 8bit
characters in the <pagetitle> tag!  They get included verbatim in all
languages, so they have to be 8bit clean!

 é is &eacute;, à is &agrave;, ü is &uuml; and so on.  So if you are
looking for Í, what is it?  Right: &Iacute;


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