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Re: Wrong year in DSA 128[12]-1, not in w.d.o/security/

* Jens Seidel <jensseidel@users.sf.net> [2007-04-28 13:09]:
> Please note that I checked already the last time such a problem was
> reported for similar errors (manually via grep) and fixed indead a few
> more. I did it now again, there are no other wrong dates (but I did not
> checked for proper CVE numbers, they could be wrong and contain 2006
> quit often even for recent advisories ...)

 Please never do an automatic update on CVE numbers if you think it
contains wrong values - always doublecheck them with the database.  I
can well be that one issue received a CVE ID back in 2006 already but
was fixed only recently.

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