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Re: Website Designs

James Herrington schrieb:
> Thanks, I have made the logo larger and also removed the 'welcome to...'
> text. I also made the text on the menu pure black as opposed to changing
> the font size to make them stand out more.

I actually liked it better with the smaller logo. Looked more elegant
for me :)

> Is anyone thinking of taking charge of the redesign of the debian
> website? I have seen a couple of posts about new designs etc but no one
> really seems to be managing whats going on. Is there anyone in
> particular i need to contact?

Although I like your theme far more than all the other suggestions I've
seen so far, I'd really like to see some contest to get even more
mockups. Ideally the community could vote for the best one and implement
it afterwards.

But I'm not a regular contributor to debian-www and certainly not the
one to decide stuff like this.

I heard that our current Project Leader Sam plans to improve our web
appearance too, maybe he could arrange some stuff...

Anyway, thanks for your theme, it definitely leads to the right direction!



Bastian Venthur                                      http://venthur.de
Debian Developer                                 venthur at debian org

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