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Application for vendor status

Dear Sirs,

Our company would like to sell Debian DVDs in Poland and therefore we would like to be listed on the official list of Debian vendors.

Here are the details of our application:

Vendor Name:	ITteam
URL of Vendor:	www.itteam.pl	
Whether or not to donate some of the sale to Debian: no 
Type of CDs/DVDs sold:	Official DVDs and CDs
Country you are in:	Poland
Do we ship orders overseas: 	no
URL of a web page that has information about our Debian CDs:	http://www.itteam.pl/itteam_debian.html
Email address for sales enquiries:	debian@itteam.pl
What architectures our CDs are for:	i386

With best regards,
Leszek Wiechno

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