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Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by joy: webwml/english/CD/vendors adding-form.wml

On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 01:44:37PM +0200, Richard Atterer wrote:
> * Maybe add a short note which says that the mail address will be made 
> public on www.d.o. This may be obvious from looking at the vendor page, but 
> some people are still surprised by the amount of spam they get once their 
> address is on our site. :)
> * The comment field should have a note that comments should be written 
> in English.

Done and done. The first matter is actually something relevant to the
existing submissions page, it's not new to the form.

> * I have been wondering for a while: Should we slowly move away from using 
> "CD"? CDs will become obsolete sooner or later. Maybe talk about "media" 
> only?

I'm thinking it's implied. We should get rid of 'CD' once they actually
start to disappear, and that doesn't seem too likely any time soon.

> * Your form does not make a distinction between CDs and DVDs. vendors.CD 
> has a <cdtype> and <dvdtype> distinction, although it's not used much. But 
> IMHO, not distinguishing between different media on our vendor page is 
> fine! (Same goes for <VendorRelease>.)

I modelled the form page (adding-form) after the instructions page (adding),
so if you think that those should be added, why not commit it to the
original page?

> * "Clear form" shouldn't be put in forms anymore, it was a mistake to ever 
> include it in HTML. The danger of people clicking it accidentally is much 
> higher than any use it may have.

I guess.

> BTW, it would be cool to have vendors.CD in a more structured format as 
> well! Something similar to Mirrors.masterlist would be nice.

You'd need to adapt some of the underlying infrastructure, like add a

vendors.CD is a bit ugly, but it does have the advantage of doing everything
inside WML. I don't really like having to use mirror_list.pl for mirror
pages, but over there that has a different angle (the same script is used
for other places of publishing, not just the web pages).

> > The generated mails are sent to cdvendors@d.o right now, which is 
> > currently just webmaster@d.o, and that in turn currently expands to Craig 
> > Small, Matt Kraai, Frank Lichtenfeld and me.
> > 
> > I haven't been paying attention lately, but the CVS log of editors of the 
> > vendors.CD file in 2006 and 2007 shows most activity from Richard 
> > Atterer, Alexander Schmehl and David Moreno Garza; if any of you are 
> > interested in this, please do let me know.
> I'm interested! :)

I'd be happy to add you to the cdvendors alias, just send me the preferred

> However, actually I'm comfortable with the current state of things, i.e. 
> sending "vendor applications" to debian-www.
> Reason: Over time, some people lose interest in tasks like this, and others 
> become interested. If only a "select club" of people receives new vendor 
> applications, it is hard for someone new to pick up the work.
> If the others don't mind the "CD vendor spam" too much, maybe we could keep 
> using debian-www for this? (Or debian-cd, or another public mailing list.)

Well, the problem here is e-mail spam. Even if we do publish the sales
e-mail address legally, we don't tell people that their submission From:
address will also end up in the public list archive even if it is different
from the sales address. That's just unnecessary and actually rude IMO.
(And it wouldn't be much less rude if we just told them that this happens,
before anyone suggests that as a "solution".)

I hear you on the "select club" issue. Currently, the mails are received at
master and archived at www-master, and that machine isn't available to all
developers to log into - AFAIR? This way, someone needs to be both a
developer and has to request the login privilege over there in order to read
the old mailbox which is located at /org/www.debian.org/mail/cdvendors
Are those two hurdles too much?

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