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Re: Incorrect statements in the release announcement, please fix! (was Re: Release announcement for Etch -- help needed by translators)

On Sun, Apr 08, 2007 at 04:17:08AM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > - there *is* downtime, a new kernel needs to be installed and that requires
> >   a reboot
> Installing a new kernel doesn't *require* a reboot.  Depends on whether you
> like your downtime to be scheduled or unscheduled. ;)

Well having it scheduled or unscheduled still makes it a downtime :)
We are asking users to reboot after the kernel upgrade (see
which could happen either at the middle or at the end of the upgrade. Maybe
we shouldn't? 

> > - we should not say "painlessly" here. The upgrade *is* painful for some
> >   architectures and users have to be extra careful
> I dunno, this is a press announcement and compared to what else is out
> there, the Debian upgrades are still pretty amazingly painless.

I fully agree with this statement. 

> > Maybe I'm biased because of Release Notes editing, but I think that should be
> > ammended. I'm not certain if this went to -release first for review by
> > Release Managers, but it certainly should have gone to (before asking for
> > translations!)
> Yes, it did get passed by us first (and yes, you're biased, release notes
> and press releases are two very, very different things ;).

Well, I believe Release Managers (at least Steve) did review this
announcement. In order to prevent problems with translations we might want to
leave it as it is now.

But, as this paragraph was present in potato's [1], woody's [2] and sarge's
[3] (with only a few modifications) and etch's upgrade process is more
complicated than those I think we should (in a few days, after release and
with all the translations in the website) reword it a little bit to put some
more stress in the need to read the Release Notes *before* the upgrade.

I'll go bite my teeth somewhere else for the time being....



PS: Who says Release Notes editing and translating is not stressful?

[1] webwml/english/News/2000/20000815.wml)
[2] webwml/english/News/2002/20020719.wml
[3] webwml/english/News/2005/20050606.wml

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