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Re: Release announcement for Etch -- help needed by translators


* Johan Haggi <jh@orsobruno.net> [070408 10:06]:

> The italian translation is in revision on ML debian-l10n-italian,
> I post it at 11.50 (GMT+0200)

Very good, thanks!  That should be okay time wise :)

> Where do I send it? In debian-www? at you?

Preferably both;  my spamfilter seems to be a kind of picky with mails
in non de/en :(

> I and other don't understand this:
>    GNOME is the default desktop environment and is contained on the
>    first CD, the K Desktop Environment (KDE) and the Xfce desktop can be
>    installed through two new alternative desktop images.
> Is "alternative desktop images." an error? Is the correct phrase
> "alternative CD images"?

Oh, yes... fixed in en.. thanks!

Yours sincerely,

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