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Re: please put our site in your Vendors List


> www.nixpcd.ru and www.unix-market.ru are clearly both run by you, and the 
> latter is already listed. Why don't you simply forward nixpcd.ru to 
> www.unix-market.ru?
> Adding multiple sites which belong to a single person/organization seems 
> like unfair competition to me, so I am reluctant to add nixpcd.ru.

Well,  I  don't  deny  that  both  projects belong to one company (NIX
Technologies, ltd.). Despite that, they are two different, independent
stores.  You  can make sure just visiting the sites. The reason is the
stores  are oriented on different segments of the market and there are
some reasons why our company runs two different stores instead of one.

Dmitry V. Ivanov

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