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please put our site in your Vendors List


I  found  out  that  our  online  store,  NIXPCD.ru,  is not currently
mentioned  in  your  Vendors  List.  NIXPCD.ru is a direct heir of the
vendor,  known earlier as "nixp.ru/cdrom" (which had been mentioned in
the List, but now it isn't). In fact, the store was simply renamed and
now  has  the  new  URL www.nixpcd.ru. I'd like to inform you that our
store  is  up and running, and ask you to put our info to your Vendors

- Vendor's name: NIXPCD (NIXPCD.ru)
- Vendor's URL: http://www.nixpcd.ru (old address
http://www.nixp.ru/cdrom is also supported using redirect)
- URL for Debian Page: http://www.nixpcd.ru/sect/debian
- Architectures: i386, x86_64, ia64
- Allows Contribution to Debian:  No
- CD type: Official images (Stable/Testing/Unstable) + non-US + non-free
+ Debian-Multimedia, also Vendor releases
- Country: Russia (language - Russian)
- Ship International: some coutries of Eastern Europe (CIS)
- Email address for sales enquiries: cdrom@nixpcd.ru (old address
cdrom@nixp.ru is also supported)

 Alex L.Akodus                          mailto:cdrom@nixpcd.ru
 NIXPCD.ru Team
 14.01.2007, 22:20

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