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Dear Sirs:
This email is sent to inform your head of corporation because we have something important about the Internet benefits to check with.
Our organization has received an application submitted by  huashun Online Investment   Co.,Ltd today, which was about the registration of Internet keyword     “debian”
    and   chinese   domain  name  . And during the course of checking, we found they were the same as your company ‘s name and brands.Because domain name takes voluntary and open registration and it is already well used all over the world . So we doubt this company want to register these domain names compete first. We don’t know whether this behavior will harm your interests on the Internet, because it will be connected to another website not yours once they succeed in registering them.
If you have any questions, pls contact us or let your representative office in China call us directly. And your early reply will be appreciated as us official organization should take effective measures in the term of validity.
Best wishes to you and the prospect of your company.

 86-13584815779   Alen Ma

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