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Re: Improved design

Peter Karlsson wrote:
> > This will provide a smaller default font, it can still be enlarged
> > with Ctrl-+ (or was it Shift-+?) in IceWeasel.
> If you like a smaller font, then why don't you set one in your browser?

Hmm.  I thought I did that.  Checking again revealed that it was
set to a horrible size indeed.  *shrug*

> > This will remove the underline for links.
> Again, that is a setting in all browsers I am aware of (and the first
> thing I disable). We shouldn't mess with the user's expectations.

Wow.  This can indeed be set at least in iceweasel.  I'm really impressed.
When I last tried to set useful preferences in a graphical browser (probably
some years ago) this wasn't possible (or I have simply been blind).

> > Another improvement, especially for languages with a lot text, would
> > be to change "About Debian" on the front top menu into just "About".
> That, however, sounds like a good idea. :-)

Hmm.  One out of three is not too bad. :)



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