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Re: New Debian Site

HXC: Please learn to *ONLY* quote the parts of the mail you reply to that 
are relevant to your reply! This is basic mailing list etiquette!
I have requested this before, and am disappointed to have to ask again.

On Wednesday 18 October 2006 11:59, HXC wrote:
> I am afraid this discussion is going in the wrong direction. We should
> make the website not to the liking of developers but to the likings of
> the end user.We should inventarise their needs and wants and adjust
> accordingly. For starters lets define the target audience of the
> debian.org website:
> Corporate users
> Private users
> Ubuntu users (getting them back aboard)

+ Debian Developers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> Then we can inventarize their needs e.g. with a questionaire. Such a
> meta research should reveal the direction we should go

A large part of the site is more aimed at developer than others.
I thought that Jens' comments made excellent sense.

> Ubuntu users (getting them back aboard)

Please don't mix politics with improving the website.

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