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Re: 31r2 DVD Download Problem

On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 10:26:23PM -0500, joedi@spiralspike.com wrote:
> I have tried downloading the R2 package from both iinet in australia and
> your swiss site as well, both times i get a file size of 384MB total to be
> downloaded yet it says 4.4GB next to the file name
> I downloaded one and tried burning it with nero and it said it was a cd
> image and not DVD.
> Can you please advise if the wrong images are there and when it will be
> updated to reflect the correct files


  Why is my downloaded DVD image smaller than 1 GB when it should be larger 
  than 4 GB?
  Most likely, the tool you use for downloading the image does not have 
  large file support, i.e. it has problems downloading files larger than 4 
  GBytes. The usual symptom for this problem is that when you download the 
  file, the file size reported by your tool (and the amount of data that it 
  downloads) is too small by exactly 4 GB. For example, if the DVD image is 
  4.4 GB large, your tool will report a size of 0.4 GB.
  Some versions of wget also suffer from this problem - either upgrade to a 
  version of wget which does not have this restriction or use the curl 
  command line download tool: "curl -C - [URL]"



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