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Re: Suggestions For The Website

On Sat, Jun 24, 2006 at 01:50:18AM +0200, kailander wrote:
>   o  when you link to a paragraph inside the page : <a href="#about">about</a>
>      the target anchor should not contain the title of the paragraph : <a name="about">ABOUT</a>.
>      Instead it should be empty : <a name="about"></a> ABOUT
>      why ? Simply because in mozilla the title is highlighted on hover as if it was a link.

This is actually a bug in our CSS which was fixed at one point, but the 
change was reverted later for some reason.

Instead of this:

  a:hover { color: #F000FF; }
  a:visited { color: #800080; }
the CSS should be like this:

  :link:hover { color: #F000FF; }
  :visited:hover { color: #800080; }

>   o  i was also wondering why don't you indent the tags in the source code :
>      <div>
>        <p></p>
>      </div>
>      the source code look a little messy, and its not very pleasant to see.

Hm, lots of different people edit the site, also much of the content is 
generated by various macros/scripts, so there is no good control over 

>   o  all the languages in the bottom of the page should begin with capital letters (Polski not polski)

No. This has been discussed before on the list - each word in that area of 
the page is the translation of the respective language name into that 
language. With some languages (e.g. English), languages are always written 
with a capital letter, but not in others.

> In the debian.css stylesheet i  suggest the following :

Unfortunately Jutta, who has been doing most of the CSS changes lately, 
doesn't test on MSIE at all. :-/



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