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FW: Debian Installation ISO DVD Image Files

Hi Mihira,

Thank you once again for your instant reply.

Well I would like to have both things as file access and
username/password login authenticated from Windows 2003 Enterprise
Edition Server.

My Initiative is to keep this Debian Server for Apache HTTP, MySql
Database and PHP Applications, so I need to connect this pc in windows
2003 domain network for ip address and dhcp configuration to set from
this windows 2003 server. Once all this is done so I can bring this
debian server on the internet and under the our domain suffix for
accessing it globally. Also please let me even it is possible to install
oracle database 9i rel.2 on this debian server or no and I want to make
this debian installation as an server? Is there any specific
settings/installation instructions or just an normal installation?



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Robert J. A. Fernandes. wrote:
> Hi Mihira,
> My Downloads for Debian DVD-ISO's are successful through FlashGet as
> what you had suggested.
> Now If you can help for connecting this DEbian OS PC to Microsoft 2003
> Server? Is it possible to have connected debian pc into Microsoft
> windows network or no?

what do you mean by connecting to 2003 server ? for authentication or 
for file access ? Authentication via MS server is not simple as you have

to setup LDAP authentication to work with your 2003 DC.
file access is quite possible and relatively easy. All you need is the 
Samba Client installed in the debian PC. If you installed KDE or Gnome, 
then you probably already have a samba client as both those desktop 
managers have a samba client by default.

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