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Re: Mass editing and xhtml vs. HTML

* Jutta Wrage <jw@witch.westfalen.de> [2006-03-19 20:27]:
> I converted the list to a definition list as it is one semantically.
> Entries where:
> <li>
> <b>Definition term here (known issue)</b><br>
> definition here
> </li>
> It is easy to replace all <br> by <dd> and all <b> by <dt>, but it  
> makes more work if some files have <br /> instead as one cannot use  
> "change word" there, which results in extra work for those files  
> containing the <br /> . <dd /> would not be valid.

 Exchange "change word" with "change until >" (that is, c/> in vim).
I guess that should work quite well for this case. If you are looking
for some more complex help feel free to bug me privately, too.

 So long,
shit, fixed, updated.
    -- Michael Bramer, debian-www, <20030801123841.GA6863@home.debsupport.de>

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