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Re: debian-volatile

Hi *,

On Wednesday, 23 Nov 2005, you wrote:
> * Tobias Toedter (t.toedter@gmx.net) [051123 17:06]:
> > In case you want to include 
> > more pages and/or news items for debian-volatile, a folder is of course a 
> > good idea.
> AFAICS, it is intended to add all the VUAs to that place also, so a new
> folder is probably better.

This is true, all VolatileUpdateAnnouncements (VUA) should go there as
well as a list of volatile mirrors and some more information which i
would like to split in different pages.

As i understood new VUAs would be placed in a subdir called news having
a special format, and then would appear automaticaly in the right order
on top of the page.

I more or less copied stuff from debian-installer pages.


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