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Re: http://www(.lang).debian.org/ partialy in english

* Guillaume Lenoir <bohemeur@gmail.com> [2005-11-13 19:45] :
> 	Hi,
> It seam to be the same in all languages, so I guess it's not a bug, but
> I hadn't noticed before and it's been a few days now so it might be
> new :
> The header, footers, left side menus and top navigation bar are in
> english for debian.org main page, although second level links (ex:
> http://www.fr.debian.org/distrib/ ) are fully localized (even nav bar
> icons).
> Since the server interprets languages from navigator settings , I was
> wondering if something got misplaced or missing translation after an
> update, a technical limitation or just an unexpected feature =o) ... I'm
> not good enough in web editing to understand.
> After browsing around your www-translation site and ask google, I didn't
> find my answer, and I don't like unanswered questions.

Hello Guillaume,

This is a known problem (see http://bugs.debian.org/338484) due to an
update of klecker from woody to sarge. We are waiting for locales to be
generated on this machine and the pages should be correctly regenerated
afterwards (or maybe someone should trigger a rebuild?).



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