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Re: www.debian.org Web Design

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Am 22.10.2005 um 21:53 schrieb Richard Atterer:

For example, they are not able to browse through all pages of a section
(say, "Getting Debian") because they cannot tell whether there is yet
another page hidden behind one of those many links, with just the
information they need.

Therefore we need an outline of the logical structure of the pages, which is not always the same as the position in the file system.

If an outline is present, it is possible to create section menus and breadcrumbs

Another thing so solve is, that some page content relys on full width of page, so that there is no space left for a menu at one side. It will not take a long time until I have validating everything as HTML strict. But there are still many things left, that should go to debian.css.

I am quite sure that it would be possible to create an outline in the wiki where everyone can easily make changes. It is only, that there must be people volunteering to do that.

Here some todos:

- - Strict HTML (we are working on that)
- - Outline
- - Making more unique layout (tables, lists, ..)
- - removing remaing layout tables
- - replacing misused HTML tags by the corrext ones
- - adding missing end tags (non existing obsolete tags have some unwanted results in rendering)
- - Adding access keys
- - making pages more text browser friendly
- - moving more tags to wml includes
- - In one of the last steps: reducing and tuning the css (related to more unique layout)



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