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Re: help fixing XHTML pages

On Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 04:42:46PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 22 August 2005 13:04, Tommi Vainikainen wrote:
> > These files called templates you will find from
> > webwml/english/template/debian directory. You probably need to adjust
> > those files to use XHTML instead of what current HTML 4.01
> > Transitional, and then go trough every page and check with XHTML
> > validator that those are really valid XHTML.
> Would it be useful to do this in a branch first and make a build result 
> available on a separate website so people can test the result before 
> implementing it on www.d.o?

Not necessarily, this can be done gradually. E.g. you can add
  -D DOCTYPE=xhtml
to a .wmlrc file into any directory, and all files under this directory
will be built with XHTML doctype.  The problem is that compilation will
fail for most files, because tags have to be properly closed.  So the
first step is to fix english/template/debian/*.wml files, then test
XHTML output on a small directory.
But again, XHTML generation will fail if tags are not properly nested,
so this is a very invasive change and I am not sure that it is worth.


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