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Re: help fixing XHTML pages

On 2005-08-21T20:02:59+0300, morganlandry@gmail.com wrote:
> What I want to do is convert xhtml pages on
> www.debian.org to XHTML 1.0 Strict. The thing is that debian.org
> uses a tool called WML to generate the web pages. I need help in
> learning how to do this. I've downloaded the web site to my local
> machine, and I've read http://www.debian.org/devel/website/ and its
> links.

Did you build already some pages, e.g.

cvs co .../english
cd english; make

And then look some of the generated pages with your $BROWSER and also
probably some kind of (X)HTML validator?

> I just would like someone to show me, step by step, how to convert a
> wml page to an xhtml page. Could someone help me do this?

I'm don't know exactly what it needs to be valid XHTML, but if you
look at the .wml files, there is header such as

#use wml::debian::<something>

These files called templates you will find from
webwml/english/template/debian directory. You probably need to adjust
those files to use XHTML instead of what current HTML 4.01
Transitional, and then go trough every page and check with XHTML
validator that those are really valid XHTML.

Tommi Vainikainen

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