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Re: more questions

On Saturday 20 August 2005 03:31 am, Tommi Vainikainen wrote:
> On 2005-08-20T04:12:43+0300, morganlandry@gmail.com wrote:

> > 1) Convert all the pages to validated XHTML 1.0 Strict;
> There has been some effort (or thoughts) on this. Please note that
> because you can't only work on "English section", this effort must be
> done for all pages, which includes all translations.

Ok. I'll do that.

> > 3) Convert them all to the GNU Free Documentation License.

I've seen KDE manuals released under the GPL. Would that be acceptable in 
this case, of releasing a web site under the GPL?

Daring to create badly leads to daring to create well.

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