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more questions

Hello again,

I have decided that I want to do 3 things for the English section of the 
debian.org web site:

1) Convert all the pages to validated XHTML 1.0 Strict;
2) Proofread all pages for spelling and grammatical errors;
3) Convert them all to the GNU Free Documentation License.

I know this is a lot of work -- in fact I plan to do this for at least a 
year or two, while I develop skills to become a programmer and ultimately 
a Free Software Developer (preferably a Debian Developer.) So, the issue 
of time and hard work is not an issue for me.

My concern is that I need help learning how to do #1 and #3. For #1: How do 
I convert the pages? Do I change the HTML or is there a way to edit the 
WML? For #3: How do I convert the license over? Do I have to email each 
individual author and ask their permission to switch? Or is that a 
question for the  debian-legal list?

Thanks again,
Daring to create badly leads to daring to create well.

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