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Who's using Debian?

Organization Name: The La Jolla Institute of Molecular Medicine, (La Lolla, California USA) Organization Type: Non-profit cancer research and molecular biology institute
Homepage: http://www.ljimm.org/

I installed Debian on one of our network's internal servers in order to support our new calendaring suite, PHP Groupware. I chose to use Debian because something was slowing our T1 down and the net-inst CD was much faster than downloading all of the Red Hat Fedora Core CDs! Also, I'd heared many good things about the distro and found it to be very hard to break/easy to configure. On the down side, it took forever to get stuff up and running due to a lack of good documentation- But on the part of PHP, PHPGroupware, and mySQL. Debian's own docs were sound. Keep up the good work!

A. Bourdon
Research Computing, LJIMM

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