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You lost a possible Debbian fan.

So many files for download but don't know wich one to pick

Index of /debian-cd/torrents

Icon  Name                    Last modified      Size  
[DIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] 3.0_r5/ 19-Apr-2005 08:24 - <---- r5=release 5??? WTF... Does this mean is current? [DIR] current/ 19-Apr-2005 08:24 - <---- But wait this says current???? WTF!!!!
Which one I fucking pick if both look current.  Why not wirte comments for noobs like me.

Then I click on i386 and I get this:

Index of /debian-cd/torrents/3.0_r5/i386

Icon  Name                                        Last modified      Size  
[DIR] Parent Directory - [   ] MD5SUMS 19-Apr-2005 08:29 884 [   ] debian-30r5-i386-binary-1.iso.torrent 19-Apr-2005 08:13 23K <--- What is the differece between this? [   ] debian-30r5-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso.torrent 19-Apr-2005 08:14 25K <--- and this? One says NONUS and the other don'tWTF? (no fucking explanation) [   ] debian-30r5-i386-binary-2.iso.torrent 19-Apr-2005 08:14 25K [   ] debian-30r5-i386-binary-3.iso.torrent 19-Apr-2005 08:14 25K [   ] debian-30r5-i386-binary-4.iso.torrent 19-Apr-2005 08:14 25K [   ] debian-30r5-i386-binary-5.iso.torrent 19-Apr-2005 08:14 25K [   ] debian-30r5-i386-binary-6.iso.torrent 19-Apr-2005 08:14 25K [   ] debian-30r5-i386-binary-7.iso.torrent 19-Apr-2005 08:15 28K [   ] debian-update-3.0r5-i386-1.iso.torrent 19-Apr-2005 08:15 25K <---Update? Why the fuck they have updates separetly? [   ] debian-update-3.0r5-i386-2.iso.torrent 19-Apr-2005 08:15 18K <----Again WTF is this
No fucking expanation...
They try to make Debian user friendly to atract new people to Linux but how the hell they going to acomplish this if noobs like me get stuck in the download section?.  Do you think we want to waste time reading manuals for something so stupid like this.  I don't mind reading manuals but not for some dumb shit like this. It should be simple like download this and this (with comments underneith or some kind, guide text or something that explain specificly wtf  I'm downloading... but right there next to the link and not somewere else in the website or manuals.)  Fix it and let me know... then I'll try Debian

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