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mirror.mcs.anl.gov changes

mirror.mcs.anl.gov has recently been expanded to a trio of servers that
use a round-robin dns config.  Part of this design allows us to take
individual machines down for maintenance, while leaving the
site/services in full operation.

Our current site description on this page:


Reads as such:

Site: mirror.mcs.anl.gov, alpaca.mcs.anl.gov
Type: leaf
Packages over FTP:	/pub/debian/ <ftp://mirror.mcs.anl.gov/pub/debian/>
Packages over HTTP:	/debian/ <http://mirror.mcs.anl.gov/debian/>
Comment: This is a complete mirror, connected by Gigabit.

Please modify to only mention the mirror.mcs.anl.gov hostname, and feel
free to add the "a trio of servers" bit to the Comment field, if
appropriate.  Still a single gig-e pipe that feeds all three.

Cheers, -Brian

Brian Elliott Finley           Argonne, MCS Division
Office: 630.252.4742           Mobile:  630.631.6621
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