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Re: friend.... vladimir


On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 05:47:20PM -0500, Vladimir Vesselinov wrote:
> very hard to find .... the text or program
> here I need 2hr to find this...
> not good for this web site...
> Friends....
> comme the time  for  STANDARD for software and OS
> Microsoft - Windows ** XP --- have the STANDARD and with this
> point they are FIRST
> I like Linux but he need STANDARD
> vladimir

If I understand your email correctly, what you refer to as STANDARD
would be the opposite of what Debian GNU/Linux is providing.  The
STANDARD you refer to, I think, would be considered a 'lack of choice'
by the GNU/Linux communiity, in general.  If that is the case, it doesn't
suprise me that you are having difficulty.  The choices that are offered
by Debian are a recognition that everyone has different preferences.

There are also lots of other GNU/Linux operating systems.  I don't know
enough about your needs to offer specific recommendations.  But look
around on the internet there are some that offer very few choices and
you may be interested in those.

Good luck to you and if you ever change your mind, Debian will always
(hopefully) be available.  Providing a remarkably great distribution.

Doug Jensen

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