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Re: friend.... vladimir

Vladimir Vesselinov wrote:
> very hard to find .... the text or program
> here I need 2hr to find this...
Try using synaptic or another frontend, they're easier if you don't know what
you're looking for, see section editors. Also of interest might be

> comme the time  for  STANDARD for software and OS
Standards like (X)HTML, POSIX, LSB, HTTP, SMTP, etc. work quite well you'll
find. Standard software and OS roughly translate into monopoly by a power coaved

> Microsoft - Windows ** XP --- have the STANDARD and with this
> point they are FIRST
Hmm, sort of like with TNEF, (X)HTML, CSS, Outlook's ability to send/receive
messages in ".doc" format, and WM{A,V}?

> I like Linux but he need STANDARD
> vladimir
Linux implements many standards, TCP, UDP, IP, EHCI, UHCI, OHCI, and PS/2 to
name a few.

this is a matter for debian-user btw

Version: 3.1
GAT/CM$/CS>$/CC/IT$/M/S/O/U dpu s+:++ !a C++$>C+++$
UB+++>++++$L++++$*-- P+>++$ L+++(++++)$ E-(---) W+++>$ N(+) o? K-
w--(---) O? M V? PS++@ PE-@ Y+@ PGP++(+++)>$ t? 5? X? R tv--(-)
b++(+++)@ DI? D? G e->++++ h* r? z*

David Mandelberg

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