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Debian - imcompatible - PROBLEMS

I am trying to install Debian Woody on my computer for about 3 days already, actualy the system was installed and runing in the first day but since then I am trying to install my video card information and driver. The driver I need to istall for my video card is Intel 82845G downloaded right from Intel website but I guess the version is not proper for Debian so i keep getting error messages. My computer is a Dell Dimension 2350 - Pentium 4 - 1.8 MB and 768 M.Ram.
Please help me with this problem or send me a phone number so I can call and explain the problem myself through the phone (if this e-mail is confusing).
This is the link for the driver I am trying to install
(both the .rpm and the .tar.gz files are sending error messages)
Fabio Almeida

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