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Website Errors...

   Just curious about the massive amount of missing folders and pages for
the distribution/package listings, especially in stable. I'm trying to get
the 'parted' package and it's dependencies in .deb format from stable to a
machine that's stuck behind a local firewall, and I can't get the .deb
files from the website. I would just use dselect on another Debian machine
but I don't have any other Debian machines currently running here. I'll
continue searching for other options such as FTP and the like, but it's a
big dissappointment to not just be able to access these packages through
the web-based search and listing system. Thanks,

   --- Timothy Partee < tpartee@furcen.org >
    -- UNIX Web Developer / Systems Admin
     - http://www.furcen.org/~tpartee/ 

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