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Re: Please don't remove outdated translations if the difference is very small

* Peter Karlsson <peter@softwolves.pp.se> [2004-07-02 06:31]:
> IMHO six months without any reaction from the translation team *is*
> "way too out-dated". Personally, I would have liked to have the limit
> be even stricter.


> The translation-check header is already used- when the translation
> falls behind, it gets a notice on the page, and after six months the
> translation is purged. We do get enough complaints and bug reports
> about broken links and misinformation which is due to translations not
> being updated in time that I believe that the current practice is
> warranted.

 The thing is quite clear documented on /devel/website/translation_hints:

,--------------------------------> quote <--------------------------------
| It is important that you only translate files that you have the time to
| maintain. A few well maintained pages is much more useful than a lot of
| out of date ones.
`--------------------------------> quote <--------------------------------

 It is even written in bold letters...

 If I might pick this up: Can the translators of the following languages
pretty please update their CD/http-ftp/index.wml file, it fails to build
due to being outdated:

 -) dutch
 -) italian
 -) spanish (hey, Javier!)

 Thanks in advance,
P.S.: The build failure occurs because
   english/CD/http-ftp/cdimage_fsn_mirrors.list isn't there anmore but
   still referenced in these translations.
shit, fixed, updated.
    -- Michael Bramer, debian-www, <20030801123841.GA6863@home.debsupport.de>

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