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Please don't remove outdated translations if the difference is very small

I've found out (the hard way) that translations are being removed from the 
website regardless after six months of not being updated regardless of the 
changes done in the original file.

This is quite counter-productive, since some version changes in the english 
wml files are sometimes just cosmetic and the translation was quite alright 
when it was removed. 

Could the cron scripts doing this (if any) be modified so that they only
remove translations that are _way_ too out-dated (more than 5 versions
behind) instead of those that are not too out of date (less than 5)?

This would be consistent with the 'translation-check' header idea I 
introduced four years ago....



PS: This happened to me today with spanish/MailingLists/index.wml, a 
translator redid all the work when only a few changes were needed simply 
because the out of date (only 1 version difference) version had been 
removed in a (semi?)automatic way.

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