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Re: random setgid-ness of files on klecker

On 06/05/04 01:11:40, James Troup wrote:
There's a whole bunch of files under /org/www.debian.org/ on klecker
that are setgid for no readily apparent reason (e.g. [1]).  Can
someone please clean them up?  They upset some of our checking
scripts.  Thanks.


[1] -rw-rwSr--    1 debwww   debwww      17210 Jun  4 15:39
/org/www.debian.org/bf/woody/boot-floppies/documentation/arch/s390/ ch-init-config.ja.html

These are my fault. I've cleaned them up, but I'm not sure if the setgid bit will be set again the next time that they are generated, so I'll check tomorrow to see if they are still OK.


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