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Bug#249724: Links should display to similar language page


CT> I was checking out the Russian translation of the Debian main page.
CT> When I click on a Russian-word link like  свободная 
CT> (in the first paragraph), I would expect to be taken to a Russian page 
CT> if it is available. Instead, the link takes me to an English page, and
CT> I have to scroll to the bottom of that page to see that there is a Russian 
CT> variation available, and click there to see the translation. I think the website,
CT> when displaying any Russian language page, should adjust the links
CT> on that page to take the user directly to the Russian translation of
CT> the linked page, if available.
 No, any links on the website are language-independent and do not
contain any language information. It is up your browser to define
which language is preferrable and request a page from server. To solve
your problem if you want to browse many Russian pages in succession,
you can temporarily change settings of your browser (see
http://www.debian.org/intro/cn) to prefer Russian more than English
and turn settings back when you finish browsing of Russian pages. 

Best regards,
Ruslan Batdalov

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