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Re: translator's notes

* Nobuhiro IMAI <nov@yo.rim.or.jp> [2004-03-22 15:02]:
> On the [1]latest news of d-i, there is a link to [2]subversion
> book. And then, there is a [3]translated version of it. Can we include
> the link to [3] as a translator's notes in a Japanese translation (==
> 8.ja.html)? Of course, I will leave the link to [2] on the page.

 Of course, and such additions are appreciated and helpful. I've added
quite some links to the Debian Jr. page in the Ressources section that
are available in german language only. Of course I've informed Ben about
those projects but he came to the conclusion that they doesn't make much
sense on the english page.

 This doesn't only correlate to the d-i pages, or even to the japanese
translation but to all the translation teams: If you see links in the
english page for which you have found out that there are translations in
your language available, too (not that uncommon, especially with links
to GNU pages or similar; but they use CN anyway so you shouldn't have to
change anything there anyway) feel free to add them or even just link
them instead (given that they are crosslinked -- if not please add them
additionally, I would say).

 Thanks for raising that topic, Nobuhiro.
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