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dsa-433 and dsa-435 uncertenties


 I have two understanding problems with the mentioned DSAs:

433: The last paragraph:
| This problem has been fixed in the upstream
| version 2.4.23 as well and is also present in 2.4.24, of course.

 I guess I know what is meant (that the fix is also present in 2.4.24,
not the problem), but this is misleading. Can a native speaker/the
security team please suggest a fix?

435: Once mpg321 written instead of mpg123. I am going to fix that, we
have a seperate package mpg123 but that DSA didn't address that package,
did it?

 So long,
Wo wir schon bei Schnäppchenbestrafungen sind: ich finde § 307 StGB hat ein
recht ordentliches Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Soviel Bums für sowenig Strafe
gibt sonst nirgendwo.
                        -- Holger Lembke in de.soc.recht.misc

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