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new Debian site popcon.debian.org

Hello Debian-www,

On behalf of the popularity-contest project, I would like to
announce that it is now a somewhat official Debian project, since it
is now hosted at <http://popcon.debian.org>.

Probably, it would be good idea to link it from the main Debian web site.

popularity-contest report info on the packages installed on machines
running Debian.  This information is for example used to make sure
the most popular packages are on the first CDs when making Debian CD
releases.  It also collect info about the architectures used.  Here
is the current distribution (1649 total):

   0.06% mips
   0.12% alpha
   0.49% sparc
   1.09% powerpc
  29.41% UNDEFINED (probably Woody, as that version do not report arch)
  68.82% i386

We would like to thanks Martin Michlmayr and James Troup for their
involvement in setting the new website.

Bill Allombert and Petter Reinholdtsen.

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