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Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by barbier: webwml/. Makefile

On пт, 2004-01-23 at 15:43, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> Rumen Krasstev:
> >>>> so my question is - is it possible to restore these files from
> >>>> some kind of archive or backup ?
> All the files are still in the repository, just do a backwards merge
> and you should get the files back. I don't think you can directly merge
> without a tag, so you might need to do something like this in the
> bulgarian directory:
>   cvs up -d -D 2004-01-21 # Get files before the deletion
>   cvs tag -r before_delete # Set a tag
>   cvs up -d -A # Go back to current (where files are deleted)
>   cvs up -j HEAD -j before_delete # Merge backwards
> and then check everything back in.
thank you very much, you save my life :-)

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