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Re: Assessing the outdatedness of our web site translations

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 16:05, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> Hi!
> Half a year ago I said that I was working on weeding out outdated
> translations from the web site. Outdated, in this context, means
> translations that has not been updated along with their original
> documents for several months.
> Finally I have got around to follow up on it. I have prepared a report
> at <URL:http://people.debian.org/~peterk/outdated/> which lists, for
> each language, all documents not updated for two weeks.
> My intention is to, at some point, start removing from the archive all
> pages that have not been updated for six months after the document its
> translates has changed, on the basis that keeping these ancient
> translations on-line will just confuse the readers more than they will
> help.
> I will not do this until normal cvs operations have been restored,
> however. I know that some translation teams are struggling at the
> moment due to lack of proper cvs access.

I agree that keeping these pages online will harm more than help.
Careful attention must be paid whenever pages are removed, temporarily
or permanently. I suggest replacing the pages with a notice that they
will be back in the future (no nasty 404).

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